Barack Obama’s Coming To New York To Hobnob With Celebs (A.K.A. F**K Up Your Commute)


President Barack Obama will be in the Big Apple tonight to attend multiple fundraisers held by high-profile celebs — and he’ll be touching down at John F. Kennedy Airport just in time to fuck up your commute.

As you probably know, whenever the president comes to town the Secret Service blocks traffic along the route he takes to get to his various destinations, which leads to some pretty nasty gridlock. In other words, don’t expect to be able to get home from work tonight without getting even more aggravated than usual. 

The president is expected to land at JFK Airport at 4:30 p.m., which means his motorcade will be holding up traffic right as rush hour rolls around.

After delaying the evening commute, the president will head to a private fundraiser on the Upper East Side, where tickets are reportedly $40,000 apiece.

From there, Obama will make his way to a Midtown hotel for another
fundraiser with aging rocker Jon Bon Jovi. Then it’s off to Broadway
for an event called “Barack on Broadway,” where actors will put on a
special performance for Obama and former President Bill Clinton.

New York Republicans have used Obama’s partying with celebs to bash
the president, saying that while the president is off hobnobbing with his famous friends, he’s ignoring the droves of Americans looking for jobs.
More on that here.

If you survive this afternoon’s expected gridlock, you can look
forward to another traffic nightmare next week, when the president will
return to the Big Apple to receive a briefing on construction at the
World trade center site and to attend yet another celebrity fundraiser next Thursday night at the home of Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick.