Calling Someone Gay Is OK, Even If They Aren’t


That was the ruling of a midlevel New York State appeals court, which tossed out a case by a guy mad that his ex spread the rumor that he’s gay.

“Saying that someone is gay is not an insult,” a lawyer successfully argued.

I’ve been crowing this for years!

But having it made official in this one case throws the floodgates wide open.

People used to only say that gays were gay, but now they can out people aren’t even “that way”.

So, go on.

Yell it from a mountain:

Charlie Sheen, you’re queer, missy!”

“Come out already, Meryl! Stop acting!”

Barack and Michelle are in favor of gay marriage–their own!”

“Miss Piggy, you’re a homo, you little pig!”

“Trump likes it up the rump!”

Dame Judi Dench is a diesel.”

“Queen Latifah is…”

No, that one’s not going to work.