More Details on Suicide and Slashing at Rikers


The Voice has more details about the man who committed suicide on Rikers, a case that we first reported on Friday. His name is Jamal Polo, age 24. Polo was being held at Rikers on a charge of felony sodomy and forcible touching.

Polo hung himself at the George Motchan Detention Center where he was in general population. We were told that a judge had ordered him housed in protective custody, because of the sexual nature of the charges and the possibility that he was a suicide risk.

A DOC spokeswoman explains that the judge recommended he be housed in protective custody. He was housed there for 72 hours, until he asked to be moved into general population. After an evaluation, the DOC agreed, and moved him. She said he was seen several times by mental health staff.

Meanwhile, in another incident the Voice inquired about, the DOC confirmed that a slashing took place at the George R. Vierno Center. Initially, the incident was reported as a fight–an inmate was cut after being struck by a chair. On further investigation, the inmate complained that he had been cut. The incident was classified as a slashing.