Soho House Was Overcome With “Undesirables”!


And bridge-and-tunnel people! And men in suits!

And they’ve done cartwheels to weed out that element.

But come on, people.

(A) Everyone has to come from somewhere. (And I happen to come from Brooklyn myself, so who am I to talk? I was one of those B&T’s who helped fill Studio 54 every night.)

(B) Bridge-and-tunnelers,”undesirables,” and suits happen to be wonderfully willing to pay for things, whereas the “fabulous” folks resolutely refuse to. You can either fill a place with entitled luminosities and go broke or just bring on the hordes and keep going, in shame-based success.

But a way bigger problem is addressed in this Times piece about Soho House’s attempt to dredge itself from disappointment.

One expert is quoted saying the place was never all that and couldn’t get the truly fab.

Says he:

“In New York, we don’t tend to like things that announce themselves as elitist. We like to be the ones to find something and stamp it with specialness, as opposed to being told ‘Get on line. You might qualify for entry’.”

By the way, that expert is me.

And if you think I’m taking the train back to Brooklyn because there happens to be a hot lounge somewhere in Bushwick, you’re…well, hey, maybe.