Play Con or Concept with New Restaurant Themes


You won’t believe the event and restaurant themes we hear about each day. Or, we don’t know, maybe you will! We’ll present a new one each week, and you can tell us if you think it’s a con (we made it up) or a concept (it’s in the works). Here’s the first:

An edible homage to war-torn Paris

Named for the duo of zoo elephants slaughtered to feed starving Gauls during the siege of Paris, Castor and Pollux recreates a Parisian public house circa 1870 with rugged communal tables, working fire pits, and dishes inspired by desperation.

The “Franco-Prussian” menu is divided in two sections: native and zoological. On the native side try the musky, wine-colored consomme of horse and a house-made mystery salami with pickles.

On the zoological side, go with “elephant” stew and camel brochettes with toasted spices. After coffee and dessert, move this party up to the roof where you can send messages via pigeon post.

Update: Con. This is not a real restaurant concept, as far as we know.