Push Girls Is Getting a Big Push


Push Girls is the Sundance Channel’s new reality show about four ladies in wheelchairs who support each other through their ordeals and who prove to be powerful and personable and not defined by their disabilities.

At a luncheon for the show yesterday, Christopher Reeve’s daughter, Alexandra Reeve Givens (pictured below), gave the four stars her thumbs up, while telling us how important humor and positivism are toward facing a challenge like this.

She said that when her dad was gifted with an “Eject” button from a computer keyboard, he had it Super Glued onto his wheelchair, where his right hand sat.

People were always either alarmed or amused by it, and Christopher clearly enjoyed the whole process.

Said Alexandra, “It was a reminder that the wheelchair was just a piece of equipment.”

Well, did you ever think Superman wouldn’t use Super Glue?

Added Alexandra to the girls, “You can tell I’m the daughter of a traditional movie star because I am so awestruck and dumbstruck at people who can look good on a reality show!”

A positive reality show?

I just fainted.