Rashad Tucker, Mattiyas Letang, Teen Inmates, Slashed in Troubled Adolescent Jail


Two teen inmates were slashed Saturday in the latest violent incident at the troubled jail for adolescents on Rikers Island, the Voice has learned.

The gang-related incident took place in the law library at the Robert N. Davoren Center, which likely means that the attackers were able to slip weapons through magnetometers on their way to the library. Investigators are looking into how that happened.

Eighteen-year-old Inmate Rashad Tucker, who is being held on a gang assault charge, sustained a laceration and a four inch slash on the left side of his neck. Inmate Mattiyas Letang, also 18, facing attempted murder charges, suffered a one-inch cut to his scalp and a two inch laceration to the right side of his neck. Both inmates were transported to the hospital.

Three other inmates are under investigation for their role in the assault, which led to a 24-hour lockdown in RNDC.

Correction Department spokeswoman Sharman Stein tells us the incident is still under investigation. She described the injuries as “superficial lacerations.” The three other inmates had no injuries, she said.

Correction sources said the attack was related a running dispute between members of the Young Bosses and Young Gunners–two gangs linked to the Bloods. The sources speculated that since teens don’t usually spend much time in the law library, they used the room for a pre-planned fight, possibly thinking security would be lighter.

“You don’t put rival gang members in the same room at the same time,” a source says. “Young Gunners and Young Bosses are constantly at war in the facility, trying to show their power. They think if they put in enough work, when they turn adult, the Bloods will take them.”