The Windsor Terrace Key Food Is Closing


The Key Food on Prospect Avenue, in Brooklyn’s Windsor Terrace, will close at the end of the month. One Wendy A had a bad experience there in March and went on to review it on Yelp, writing “i literally hate this grocery store, and i wish it would go out of business and get replaced by something better.” But most people won’t be so thrilled.

Despite its shortcomings, the Key Food was one of the few places to buy fresh produce in the area, and many residents are finding the news devastating:

“Many neighbors will have to walk more than a mile away to the nearest grocery store,” said City Councilman Brad Lander.

Retiring owner Sheldon Geller has made an arrangement with Walgreens, and the chain will be replacing the grocery store with a new pharmacy. A Walgreens spokesman has agreed to look into offering fresh foods.