Ever Fixate On A Dis? They Drive Me Batty!


It’s the main thing I do!

Everything could be going terrifically in my life, with success, approbation, and awards, but if one person throws me shade or acts like I’m not important, it can consume me for months as I desperately try to figure what’s behind it and whether I really rate such a blase dismissal.

Just recently, I asked a friend who was leaving his job at a certain website if he could tell me which of his ex-coworkers to reach out to so I could have a contact there and hopefully build a mutually beneficial relationship.

He suggested a certain woman, whom he said was nice, so I emailed her, introducing myself and saying hello.

She didn’t even acknowledge it!

As my overture was greeted with stony silence for days, it started eating me alive like a rabid tapeworm as I self-pityingly wondered if:

*She has no idea who I am.

*Or worse, she does know and wants nothing to do with me.

After all my years of service and all the props I get these days, it really galled me that there was this one person who simply didn’t give a shit and couldn’t bother to take 10 seconds to at least be polite about it.

I can easily become consumed by such a slight and I sometimes let it threaten to topple all the good stuff–all because someone I’ve never even heard of didn’t write back.

A therapist would probably say, “Good. You needed a humbling experience.”

But I would reply, “Fuck you! I demand some common decency! This creature is beyond rude!”

And I would be sounding like Donald Trump.

So I’ll just move on to my next honor and forget the horror.


Anyway, am I alone in this unhealthy obsession? Hello? Hello?