Hot and Happening Surgery Tips For Your Face


This week’s column is a hilarious yet informative trip to the land of nips, tucks, pulverizations, and compensations.

I interviewed several top plastic surgeons to find out what the most fabulous things are to do to your face under anesthesia these days–things that will make you emerge looking like a CGI-created creature who popped out of a photoshopped magazine spread in 3D.

You’ll read about:

*Newer, subtler types of face lifting which eliminate the “too done” look

*The hottest competitor to Botox, which reportedly works faster and creates a softer look

*The demise of collagen and how people are pumping up their lips with other products instead

*And what’s new with fat injections and traditional lipo? I found out and I describe it without any awful puns using “phat” or even cracks about “lipo hippos.”

Your eyes will pop after you read about some of these inspiring improvements awaiting your frisky features.

But of course then you can have a little tightening and they’ll never pop again.