Whether you prefer ale dark or light, from your favorite dive bar or specially brewed in your own kitchen, one thing is certain: A cold beer—anytime, anywhere—always does the trick. But what’s the story behind your drink of choice? Beer Here: Brewing New York’s History is a fascinating exhibition that takes a look into the technological history of the production and consumption of beer from the 17th century to the present through the social, economic, and political history of New York. The exhibit also explores the nutritional properties of beer (!), such as how beer was “once considered safer to drink than water.” OK, so it was in the 1770s in the age of revolution, but we’d like to think beer always contains nutritional value. Experience it for yourself during today’s beer tasting, featuring Keegan Ales, which are brewed and bottled in Kingston.

Mondays-Sundays; Sat., June 9, 2 & 4 p.m. Starts: June 6. Continues through Sept. 2, 2012