Saturday Night Fever Is Stayin’ Alive Thanks To The Disco Ball


It’s been 35 years years since the leisure suits and swiveling pelvises of Saturday Night Fever seized the world, and producer Vito Bruno is honoring that with his Disco Ball on Saturday, June 23 at the Taj Mahal in Atlantic City.

The event will celebrate the anniversary, and while Travolta must be busy with various lawsuits, his female costars Karen Lynn Gorney and Donna Pescow will be there.

Furthermore, the Ball is hosted by Wendy Williams and will feature tributes to Donna Summer and Robin Gibb.

If you doubt Bruno’s connection to the classic disco film, he happens to have worked at 2001 Odyssey club, where Saturday Night Fever was filmed, when he was 19.

And he owns a piece of it!

“When the building that housed the club was sold,” says Bruno, I went to the poorly attended auction and was the highest bidder for the Dance Floor.

“They quickly withdrew the item from the auction since I was the only one bidding on the most famous piece of movie memorabilia in the world. As a result of withdrawing the item, the dance floor was in litigation for years.

“I have court documents as well as certificate of authenticity. I can authenticate it without a doubt since I was there in the 70’s. We restored the item and it was recently used on the Glee episode Saturday Night GLEEver.

“It was great to watch all the actors and crew one by one do the famous Travolta pose for photos on the dance floor. You can’t help yourself once you step on that floor; you’ve got to do it.”

And where can you do that these days? Well, Bruno keeps the floor in storage in Brooklyn.

But until it’s let out again, just go to the Disco Ball!