10 Foods to Pack in Your Zombie Apocalypse Go Bag


One can only read so many stories about flesh-eating humans and the zombie apocalypse before considering a go bag. Here’s mine:

1 Nutella!

2 Jerky, lots and lots of jerky.

3 Fancy-ass tinned sardines in olive oil.

4 Processed cheese that can stay at room temperature forever.

5 Astronaut ice cream. This will become a very valuable commodity during the summer.

6 Unflavored seltzer and Angostura bitters. If you’re in Brooklyn, you will probably be able trade these bitters for your life.

7 Mentos and Diet Coke. To create explosions?

8 The jar of mulberry jam I made last week. It’s not the most nutritious thing, but it’s the most important: There will come a moment, close to the end, when this jam will remind me of my old life as a human.

9 Tools! Let’s count them all as one item: Paring knife, corkscrew, can opener, heavy wooden rolling pin.

10 Water purification tablets? Iodine? A book that explains how to use them?

Your own go-bag snack suggestions are welcome below.