Andrew Cuomo, Total Buzz Kill? Gov Plans on Scaling Back Pot Policy, Report Claims


This is almost as uncool as that time you accidentally ate a tray of brownies right before going a funeral: Gov. Andrew Cuomo might scale back plans to decriminalize open pot possession. The move would serve as a compromise with the Senate Republicans who oppose his policy, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Earlier this week, Cuomo called for mass marijuana reform, demanding that public possession of just less than an ounce get treated like private possession — as a “violation,” which has the same legal weight as a parking ticket.

Senate Republicans, apparently wary of evil weed earrings, pushed back against the proposal, with Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos saying the measure would go too far.

“Being able to just walk around with 10 joints in each ear and it only being a violation, I think that’s wrong,” he told reporters.

According to the paper, no Albany Republicans have come out in favor of the proposal, and key G.O.P. members have called Cuomo’s idea a “tall order.”

Remember that pretty much everyone else — from law enforcement officials to politicians to civil libertarians — voiced support of Cuomo on Monday.

The governor’s office denies the Journal‘s reports and says that Cuomo is still moving forward with the proposed policy, telling the Voice: “Recent new reports on the status of the marijuana bill are not accurate. While the Governor is always open to reasonablle discussions with his colleagues in the senate and assembly the governor is adamant that we resolve the injustices that the current law creates.”

Of course, this sounds drastically different than what’s in the paper, so we’ll try and figure out what’s up. No shocker here, but we’ve been told that these reports have been circulated by opponents who want to paint the proposal as extreme. Check back for updates.

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