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What Time Does the Belmont Stakes Start? This, and Other Burning Questions, Answered! [UPDATE]


Forgive us for the blatant SEO-whoring in the headline but, you see, we have no choice. “What Time Does the Belmont Stakes Start” was not our original story idea. Up until about 30 hours ago, we had a 7,500 word long read about I’ll Have Another, the Triple Crown, and the pursuit of immortality in sports ready to go. It was elegantly written and slated to be the defining piece about a defining horse race. But then I’ll Have Another showed signs of a swollen tendon and we had to scrap it. So instead, we bring you “What Time Does the Belmont Stakes Start?”

Fear not, we’ll still supply you with vital information. But instead of interviews with racing experts, trainers, and pundits about an instant classic, we’re going to give you the post time, which is readily available on various other websites.

There was accompanying artwork, too. Boy, was it magnificent. You have never seen such moving and astonishing paintings of fragile equine power. Too bad I’ll Have Another pulled out; We had to toss those one-of-a-kind masterpieces into a fire.

So instead of a unique look at a potential Triple Crown win–one of the most elusive achievements in all of sports–we’re going to give you an estimated post time of a race you probably won’t even watch.

Don’t blame us. Our tendons are fine.

Post time is 6:40 PM EST. It’s on NBC.

UPDATE: Union Rags won the 144th running of the Belmont Stakes. Post time was indeed 6:40 PM EST.

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