Am I An “Infantile” Or “Hysterical” Personality?


Probably both.

I just read this analytical description in a book and it hit home a bit:

“The infantile or hysterical personalities thrive on attention and unconditional approval and are hypersensitive to rejection.

“Their frantic pursuit of affection and applause often causes others to escape from their clutches.

“Then they fall into a deep depression in which they overeat, oversleep, and retreat from life.

“To avoid this depression, they arrange their lives to ensure a constant supply of loving approval and attention.”

It’s from Denis Brian‘s book Tallulah, Darling about the frisky and brilliant actress Tallulah Bankhead, who both attracted and repelled people at the same time.

Tallu’s constant pursuit of validation led her to do sometimes questionable things while rejecting bullshit in hopes of warts-and-all approbation.

I’m not saying I’m in her caliber, talent-wise, but I could easily see doing stuff like peeing with the door open while carrying on a conversation of Eleanor Roosevelt.