David Diehl DUI: How Much Does A 304-Pound Lineman Need To Drink To Hit .182 BAC? Answer: A Lot


New York Giants offensive lineman David Diehl was arrested over the weekend after crashing his 2011 BMW into two cars in Queens allegedly while drunk.

According to Queens District Attorney Richard Brown, the 304-pound lineman’s blood alcohol content was .182, which is more than twice the legal limit.

So, how much does a 304-pound lineman need to drink to achieve such a BAC? A whole friggin’ lot.

Brown says Diehl told police he’d been at a bar watching a Croatian
soccer game prior to smashing into two parked cars — we’ll assume that
he was there for about three hours. According to science (read: BAC
calculator iPhone app), Diehl would have had to consume about 17 drinks
in three hours to achieve a .182 BAC — and that’s only if 12 of those
drinks were 12-ounce beers and five were shots of liquor.

If the two-time Super Bowl winner were only drinking beer, he would have had to put back about 20 to hit .182 BAC.

For comparison purposes, a 170-pound man’s BAC would be .360 if he drank as much as Diehl allegedly did — which is enough to be fatal

As expected, Diehl’s in a bit of trouble — Brown says he’s been charged with two counts of operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

“[Diehl] is accused of getting behind the wheel while under the
influence of alcohol and crashing his vehicle. Luckily, no one was
injured. Drinking and driving is never a good idea – and can often have
serious consequences.”

If convicted, Diehl faces up to a year in jail and a $1,000 fine.