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Every Best Actress In A Musical Impersonated By Feisty Young Male


Well, all of them except two–whose absence the young male explains at the very beginning of the clip.

But sit back, hold on, and get ready for his stellar impersonations of Merman, Martin, Uggams, McKechnie, Holliday, Ebersole, and tons more.

He does no fewer than three Mama Roses. (And the LuPone one will especially slay you with it’s harrowing finish.)

And a Dolly, a Mame, a Miss Saigon, an Edie Beale…

No, don’t let me give them all away.

This compilation of quickie impressions deserves an award all its own–especially if the young male updates it with last night’s winner, Audra McDonald for Audra McDonald’s Porgy & Bess.