Grace Meng, Rory Lancman Don’t Attend Assembly, Criticize Opponent on Attendance


Assembly Members Grace Meng and Rory Lancman, now competing for the Dems’ endorsement for a newly created Queens Congressional district, like to criticize opponent Elizabeth Crowley’s attendance record. They have slammed the City Councilwoman for being late to two debates and missing another, saying she has neglected her duties since announcing her candidacy.

Thing is, both Meng and Lancman have begun playing hooky since the start of their campaigns — skipping some 75 percent of their votes since March.

Meng missed 188 votes and cast 59 during this period.

Lancman, on the other hand, blew off 192 and voted 55 times.

Both got “excused upon request,” according to the paper.

Contrast this with Crowley: out of 36 committee meetings, she didn’t show up to two and didn’t once miss a vote.

To be clear, Meng and Lancman have only just recently become MIA.

As the Daily News notes, Meng and Lancman had great attendance records during this same period in 2011, participating in 90 percent of Assembly votes.

They have defended their recent changes in behavior, with Meng claiming legislative victories and Lancman’s spokesman saying that his constituents: “expect him to be in the district talking to voters about the issues important to them.”

Not sure if we buy that.

Maybe Meng and Lancman just want to maintain an age-old Albany tradition: seeing attendance as optional.