9/11 Family Group Wants National Park Service to Take Over WTC Memorial


A 9/11 family group is calling for the National Parks Service to take over the memorial/museum at the World Trade Center site, claiming that the folks currently running it have turned it into a “memorial-industrial complex characterized by gross mismanagement, bloated salaries and out-of-control spending.”

The Parks Service already runs a number of memorials, including the one in Shanksville, Penn., where hijacked Flight 93 crashed. The group, 9/11 Parents and Families of Firefighters and WTC Victims, has been harshly critical of the private non profit which runs the memorial now.

The group points out that instead of collecting $300 million owed by the memorial/museum, the Port Authority agreed to take just $50 million over a number of years. “What happened to the remaining $250 million? Why are taxpayers being expected to pick up the tab for the cost overruns by a private foundation,” the group asks.

The group is also critical of bills in Congress that would contribute $20 million annually to the museum “with no strings attached.”