Buvette’s Eggs Extraordinaire


Frits a l’Americaine at Buvette, available at 8 a.m. every weekday

If you’ve tried to get into Buvette at any normal dining hour, you will have been faced with a narrow place so crammed with people that it would take you minutes to penetrate the small room. Not so at breakfast, a meal served every weekday morning beginning at 8 a.m., allowing you to brunch even though it’s not the weekend.

Buvette is the most recent project of Jody Williams, the original chef at Giorgione–one of the first Italian bistros in town to make small pizzas. She subsequently worked at Morandi and Gusto before settling in at Buvette, where the regular menu presents French charcuterie and cheeses, plus small dishes in a charmingly small setting with a distinguished wine list.

The breakfast menu is divided into four sections: pastries, tartines (topped toasts), waffles, and crepes, and a trio of really wonderful egg dishes, presented in odd configurations.

Frits a l’Americaine features good old eggs and bacon, only the ova arrive intertwined with the bacon, mounted on toast, with capers, sage, and sundried tomatoes among the unexpected jolts of flavor. “Poached eggs” come with black kale, grated cheese, and English peas, with toast sticking up like the masts of a ship.

All egg dishes $12. Also available a lunch.

42 Grove Street

Poached eggs come with English peas. They’re good!