Manhattan Butcher Buys Whole Animals!


I don’t know about you, but I won’t go to a butcher that doesn’t buy whole cows, pigs, and lambs.

If they don’t, then it’s certainly not whole foods–nor is it my idea of a fully stocked dead barnyard, right?

Well, if you’re like me, you’re in (pot) luck.

Check out this press release:

“The prestigious Butcher Station at Foragers City Grocer is now one of the very few unique programs in Manhattan that buys whole animals to be used from snout to tail and head to hind-shank.

“Bringing to life the market’s philosophy of ‘bridging the gap between farm to fork,’ they only carry the best quality and exceptional sustainable meats.

“At Foragers, all of the Butcher Station’s meats are from 100% pasture raised animals from the top local farms New York has to offer.

“Each week, Foragers’ Head Butcher Terry Ragasa buys these whole cows, pigs and lambs to be broken down and used in everything the station has to offer. To guarantee this sustainable practice, all of the meats, one way or another, make it into the case for purchase, the restaurant’s dishes and the market’s prepared foods.

“In addition, all the leftover cuts are used to prepare the vast selection of house roasts, terrines and smoked sausages Foragers offers.

“…The Foragers City Grocer Butcher Station is destined to become one of the city’s top one-stop solution for all things meaty in Manhattan.”

I’m heading there for a piece of tail as we speak, oink oink.

And so are various Canadian low-level porn stars.