The Original “I Kissed A Girl” Gal Gets A Kissoff


At a Gay Pride gathering last night, I ran into Jill Sobule (who was hanging with another musical icon, Richard Barone).

Jill wrote and sang the charmingly sweet “I Kissed A Girl” in 1995 (see below video), which sort of makes her the original Katy Perry.

“Do you get lots of money from it?” I asked her, all googly eyed.

No!” Jill replied.

“Katy said she got the idea for her song all on her own,” she explained.


“But it’s interesting that we have the very same A&R person.”

Hmm. A tiny bit fishy?

On the bright side, Jill told me that she will occasionally get a check in the mail for her old song and she thinks it might be some kind of mistake.

But it’s not!

Anyone who does something that groundbreaking and does it first deserves not only a kiss, but some major cash.