What To Look for in the Farmers’ Markets This Week


The first crops of summer squash from south and mid-Jersey have arrived.

This is one of the most exciting weeks in the farmers’ markets, because the late spring and early summer crops have started to tumble in.

Most markets will have at least one table of summer squash in its myriad varieties–but most of them green, yellow, or a combination of the two. Squashes are versatile, and can be stuffed, baked, shredded, or–my favorite–sauteed till slightly caramelized in olive oil with roughly cut garlic cloves, then lightly stewed with a modest amount of chopped tomatoes.

One easy way to cook summer squash

Other newly arrived produce includes shelling peas, which can be eaten raw right out of the pod in a salad or as a snack (when it comes to fresh shelling peas, raw foodists rule); fava beans, which should be only lightly boiled and dotted with butter or fried pancetta; and raspberries, which generally succeed strawberries in the market by about a month. The raspberries I bought at the Union Square Greenmarket were darker and less sweet than the California varieties, and generated a strong flavor in the scones a friend of mine cooked them in.

Fresh shelling peas–the husks should be discarded.

At $4 the quarter pint, a bit expensive