Betty White Meets Obama, Drops “White Power” Presidential Bid


The black/gay “Kumbaya” moment continues.

First we had President Barack Obama support same-sex marriage, followed by the NAACP and a bevy of black leaders getting on the gay rights bandwagon.

Then we had Gay Inc support the end of racial profiling.

And now we have gay icon Betty White meeting with President Obama in the Oval Office yesterday. The 90-year-old Golden Girls star recently endorsed Obama. This must mean she has given up running for president herself, on the controversial “White Power” party line, as she told Craig Ferguson she was planning to do last October.


What did the first Golden Girl to visit the Oval Office say to the first black president? Maybe there are clues in a fictional George H.W. Bush’s visit with Blanche, Rose, Dorothy and Sofia in Miami. On that fictional occasion, White (as Rose Nylund) asked Bush I how they vacuumed the Oval Office. (Answer: “There hasn’t been a Hoover in the Oval Office for quite a while.”)

The White House released the above photo without comment, and we don’t know what Obama and White discussed. But, here’s what Obama had to say to her on her 90th birthday earlier this year:

White in the White House. Regularly releasing hit movies and starring in two TV series, what else will this nonagenarian do in the next decade of her life?