Comedic irony raises some complicated questions. So it’s fitting that clinically misanthropic Neil Hamburger—the genre’s greasy, hunched, and combed-over human embodiment—would be just as notoriously hard to pin down. In pretending to be the absolute slimiest of cruise-ship-caliber funnymen, does Hamburger actually become a successful comedian? Countless walkouts and fiercely heckled audience alumni might say no, but the sheer endurance of his career suggests otherwise. Australian post-punk rocker Gregg Turkington began performing as the Tony Clifton–esque Neil Hamburger in the early ’90s. Since then, he has recorded 11 stand-up albums and claims to perform up to 399 shows a year. He has been featured on the Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Tom Green Live, and Fox News’ Red Eye (rendered a comparative sweetheart alongside cloying host Greg Gutfeld). Decide for yourself at tonight’s Northside Festival gig. But be forewarned: Hamburger heckles back. With Duncan Trussell.

Sun., June 17, 9 p.m., 2012