My Jane Fonda Interview! “It’s Terrible To Die Without Forgiving”


I had a stimulating chat with the legendary Jane Fonda at the Sherry Netherland’s Cipriani last week, and it’s all laid out for you in this week’s column, a real gem of a standup sit-down interview.

Jane was honest and articulate as she told me why her longevity astounds her, what she’s learned about her relationships with men, and how important forgiveness is when dealing with your parents’ flaws.

That happens to be theme of her new movie, Peace, Love, and Misunderstanding, in which she’s a lifelong hippie who says stuff like “Your spirit guide brought you here, but she can only lead you to water” and “I prefer not to name animals. They’re nature’s children, not ours!”

You really have to put on some tie dye, light up something festive, and go see it–but first, read the column.

You’ll come to it as a whole person and you’ll love it.