Shameless: Queer Women Writers Celebrate Pride Week on Tuesday


In celebration of Pride Week 2012, Whip Smart author Melissa Febos is curating a lineup of queer women to share “shameless stories of sex, love, rebellion, redemption, and pride” at Housing Works on Tuesday at 7 p.m. Laurie Weeks, Kelli Dunham, Ariel Levy, Pamela Sneed, Katrina Del Mar, Shelly Oria, and Rachel Simon will present a variety of art, including poetry, prose, and even film. Each artist’s deep connection to gender politics will be on display–attendees can expect a variety of work, ranging from a comedy routine from Dunham (who, by the way, is an ex-nun) to Levy’s essays on gay/lesbian lifestyle. For the young and old, LBGT or not, the evening promises to be both charismatic and enlightening.