The Gay Twist In Rock of Ages


No, it doesn’t involve Tom Cruise.

Tom plays a burnt out rocker who swaps spit with a lady reporter–and who has a pretty sensational past with another female character–and he’s actually pretty funny as he slowly whispers his wacked-out lines, coming off even deeper fried than Axl Rose ever was.

But it’s two of the other stars who end up flirting with sexual subtext, finally erupting into a musical declaration of mutual love (“I Can’t Fight This Feeling”) and a big, old, wonderful kiss on top of it.

That plot development was in the Broadway version as well, but in case you didn’t see that, I’m not going to be a bitch and spoil it for you.

I’ll simply say it’s very cute and light hearted and tres gay, one of the better things in the film.

So either see the movie or maybe just pick two of the above same-sex stars and match them up in your mind.

Or maybe pick up two of the same-sex stars and make your own plot development.

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