Another Phone Scam Unveiled!


I won’t even say which server this is about because I have several, and it could be any of them anyway.

But I went to get a new cell phone recently because the one I had fell apart after years of use.

The worker at the phone company’s store said it would only cost me about $20 to “upgrade” to a new phone.

I made them swear up and down that there would be no extra charges of any kind.

They said, “No, there aren’t.”

So I gave him the dough and got the new phone.

But when I got my bill, there was an activation charge!

Not a lot of money, but still, there it was!

I called Customer Service just to ask about it and without any prompting, the woman immediately said, “I’m sorry if they didn’t warn you about it.”

In other words, she knew that they don’t! On purpose! Even when you ask!

What’s worse, the phone doesn’t text as well as the broken old one I had.

It takes twice as long to bang out a sentence.

Some upgrade!

Oh, well. I feel better now that I’ve shared that. Back to boiling rabbits.