Three Good Things: Flanken, Garlic, Gardeners


1 Flanken! Fun to say and better to eat, it’s a cut from the short ribs, sliced thinly across the bones, rather than along them. It’s chewy, beefy, marbled, and ideal for putting on the grill. [The Butcher + The Baker]

2 The Chronicle caught up with the women gardeners behind some well known Bay Area restaurants: Gretchen Kimball who provides for Meadowood; Cynthia Sandberg of Love Apple Farms who grows for Manresa; and Cayce Hill for Sons & Daughters. [slideshow; story]

3 Pat Salvati and Dorothy DeMarco, of Salento Farm, dry and grind garlic powder out of the German Red Rocambole garlic they grow in Connecticut. TT suggests using it to class up your garlic bread. [Tasting Table]