Tom Cruise Insisted On Assless Chaps!


He’s cooler than you think–and around his butt, things were way cooler during the filming of Rock of Ages.

An interview with the film’s gay director, Adam Shankman, in Next magazine reveals the fascinating genesis of Tom’s revealing look as a burnt-out rocker.

“There [were] other options to assless chaps,” says Shankman, “but Tom just sort of was like, ‘Adam, we can’t do this halfway.'”

He’s an all-or-nothing kind of guy.

(Alas, there are no assless stills to show.)

Shankman also talks about–SPOILER ALERT–convincing Alec Baldwin to play a gay character:

“It’s one of the ways I got Alec into the movie,” he says, “and when I was describing to him what the character was, I said, ‘You’re a guy who started a rock club in the ’60s, and you have been smoking pot for 30 years and you were so stoned that you didn’t realize you were gay.’ ”

That explains a lot of people in show biz, actually.

If you think things can’t get any gayer, Shankman also pauses to talk about another film of his, The Wedding Planner.

“I was like, the whole set is pink!” he gushed. “And have you seen Jennifer Lopez‘s hair? The whole thing is like the gayest thing I’ve ever seen.”

Now that’s someone I’d like to see in assless chaps.