Tomorrow: Our 10 Best Restaurants for Father’s Day, and Maybe a New Definition of Dad


Beautiful braised chicken feet: Is this what your dad wants on Father’s Day? Could be…

Twenty years ago it would have been so easy. Every editor knew what dad wanted: juicy T-bones, thick hamburgers served with a mug of imported European beer, or maybe a rack of sauce-dripping barbecued ribs along with a new tie. Nowadays, dad’s preferences aren’t so easy to identify.

That’s because there’s no longer just one kind of dad. There are dads into sports and dads into business. There are dads who are world travelers and have correspondingly broad palates, and dads who prefer to stay at home and eat potato chips.

There are gay dads and straight dads, Chinese dads and British dads. Dads who grew up on farms in Iowa and dads who are refugees from horrific conflicts overseas. Dads who are Muslims and dads who are Jews and dads who worship graven idols.

Now, instead of listing a predictable range of testosterone-driven restaurants (though we will gladly provide those), we have to be more circumspect (though maybe not more circumcised) about what is recommended, encompassing as many kinds of dads as possible.

So, please tune in tomorrow, when Fork in the Road will be cataloging 10 wonderful restaurants, possibly providing a new definition of dad in the process.

In the meantime, check out the Our 10 Best archive.