10 Things My Dad Taught Me About Food, Life, Etc.


My dad loves to cook, and to eat. Though he has a weakness for useless kitchen gadgets like plastic choppers and garlic-peelers, he’s also the one who taught me how to hold a knife, and how to open a bottle of Champagne. You know, the really important stuff!

Here’s what I learned from him over the years:

1 A sharp knife is safer than a dull knife.

2 It’s not a vacation unless you’re drinking at lunchtime.

3 It’s sometimes acceptable to tuck a bar of chocolate into a quarter baguette and eat a chocolate sandwich for lunch.

4 If you don’t like something at a restaurant, you should tell your waiter, instead of everyone at the table and everyone you meet for the next year.

5 Rubbing a fondue pot with a clove of garlic may seem totally ridiculous but it’s exactly how much garlic a fondue needs.

6 Don’t leave a restaurant because you don’t speak the language: It’s usually worth the embarrassment of pointing and gesturing for a nice lunch.

7 Sipping a glass of wine in the dark while listening to records really loudly is a very good way to unwind after work.

8 After you’ve enjoyed a roast chicken for dinner, you should always find some meat on the carcass to offer to the dog.

9 Take a walk after big holiday meals, and you won’t slip into a food coma.

10 99% of kitchen gadgets are useless (sorry dad).

Pick up any odd food habits from your dad? Tell us in the comments.