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Harlem Teacher Forced 8-Year-Old Student To Write Him Love Letters — Which Is The Least Disgusting Part Of The Story


We got the details about the Harlem elementary school teacher accused of sexually assaulting one of his 8-year-old students. Hold on to your lunch — this one’s especially revolting (when compared to the other 10 New York City teachers charged with sexual misconduct with students this year, that is)

For starters, the alleged pervert, Rafael Sosa, a 29-year-old elementary school teacher at P.S. 208 in Harlem, allegedly forced the 8-year-old to write him bizarre love letters — which was the least despicable thing he allegedly did to the young girl.

According to court records obtained by the Voice, Soss’s been hit with one count each of first-degree sexual abuse, second-degree course of sexual conduct against a child — both felonies — and endangering the welfare of a child, a misdemeanor.

This is where things are gonna get pretty sick — so if you’re squeamish, turn back now.

According to court documents, between December and June, the victim
— who is a student in the third-grade class taught by Sosa — claims
Sosa abused her several times. During one of the alleged incidents, the
victim says her teacher stuck his fingers in both her vagina and anus.
In another alleged attack, the student says Sosa open-mouth kissed her
— again, while sticking his fingers in the 8-year-old’s

All of the abuse happened inside the school — again, where Sosa was the victim’s teacher.

The victim went on to tell police that Sosa forced her to log in to
his email account and write him emails saying (“in substance,” according to the arresting
officer) the following: “I LOVE YOU, I MISS YOU. MY

Again, the victim in this case is 8.

New York City teachers sexually abusing students has become a fairly
common/serious problem for the city. A few weeks ago, three different
teachers were arrested for sexually abusing students — in three
separate incidents — in less less than a week. In all, at least 10
teachers have been accused of sexual misconduct with students so far this year (and it’s only June!).

In addition to how frequently New York City teachers are accused of
sexual misconduct involving students, the ones who are busted often get
hit with little more than a slap on the wrist. The problem has gotten so
bad that Mayor Mike Bloomberg recently proposed legislation that would
give the mayor, via the city’s school chancellor, more power
to dismiss teachers who engage in acts of sexual misconduct in the

At a press conference last month, the mayor explained that allegations of sexual misconduct, in the current policy, lead to
investigations that are resolved by arbitrators who work to please the
interests of the United Federation of Teachers and the Department of
Education, which can sometimes lead to decisions that are not in the
best interest of the students.

Under the proposed law, the DOE says it has been
blocked from getting rid of teachers in cases where the city’s own
independent investigator found instances of inappropriate sexual

The mayor cites an example of a teacher who touched a
number of female students’ buttocks, breasts, waists, stomachs, and
necks but was only given a 45-day paid suspension by the hearing
officer, who determined that the teacher had hugged one student and
hugged and tickled another on her waist.

Since his arrest, Sosa’s been re-assigned to a non-teaching position away from children. His bail has been set at $250,000.

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