I Contour My Lips On TV Tonight!


I’m really ruling PBS this week.

First, the documentary about performer/writer Charles Busch, which I appear in, aired a whole bunch of times.

The doc about the legendary Florent restaurant, which I similarly blab throughout, is also getting shown this week.

And now I’m caught dramatically doing my makeup on a theater show!

This happens on tonight’s Theater Talk, which has hosts Susan Haskins and Michael Riedel guiding myself, Jesse Green, and Patrick Pacheco through a post-mortem on the Tony Awards and who really won and lost that night.

At the end of the show, Haskins gave us a little gift box, which was extra nice since press people are now denied gift bags at the Tony after gala.

To me, the contents looked like cosmetics, so I impulsively started lining my lips while claiming to be getting ready for the Kinky Boots musical.

And it turned out it was a writing pencil!

Which worked fine–I looked fierce!

And wait! There’s another magical moment on the show!

I sing a few bars of “Porgy, I’s your woman….”

When the voters see this, they will surely take Audra’s Tony away and send it to my place, along with the gift bag I never got.