If You’re Spray-Painting Swastikas On Brooklyn Synagogues, Knock It Off


A swastika is a pretty offensive symbol no matter where it’s displayed. A swastika spray-painted on the side of a building in a Jewish neighborhood is extra offensive. When that building is a synagogue, you’re flirtin’ with a hate crime.

But that hasn’t stopped a couple of dipshits from running around a Jewish neighborhood in Brooklyn tagging various buildings — including a synagogue — with swastikas.

Police say at least six buildings in Boro Park — a predominantly
Orthodox Jewish neighborhood — have been targeted by the antisemitic

The swastika on the synagogue was discovered this morning by two men going to pray.

Aside from the synagogue, swastikas also have been discovered scribbled
on the side of a deli, a school, and other buildings in the

At several of the locations, surveillance cameras captured two men —
who appear to be in their 20s — spray-painting the buildings.

So, if you’re the ass-clowns tagging buildings with swastikas, knock it off. If you know the ass-clowns tagging buildings with swastikas, call the cops.