Mike Bloomberg: Spotting Hookers Is Hard (And More On Young Women Dressed In A “Sporty Way”)


Pimpin’, as you know, ain’t easy — and according to Mayor Mike Bloomberg, spotting a hooker is no walk in the park, either.

On his weekly radio show this morning, Bloomberg voiced his concerns regarding a bill passed by the City Council that would create stiffer penalties for cab drivers who contribute to the sex trafficking industry by knowingly transporting hookers to meet clients. He did so by explaining how he would feel if he were a “young lady” dressed in a “sporty way” and a cab driver accused him of being a hooker (have fun getting that image out of your head).

In other words, Bloomberg’s problem with the bill is that hookers don’t
usually wear name tags saying “Hello, I’m a Hooker,” so cab drivers
could unknowingly offend a non-hooker because of the way she’s dressed.

The mayor seems to have a valid point here — as the saying goes, even a
broken clock’s right twice a day. The bill essentially leaves it up to
cab drivers to determine who’s a hooker and who’s not, which seems to be
a task most cab drivers probably didn’t sign up for.

The bill would impose a $10,000 fine on any cab driver convicted of a
felony related to sex trafficking. The drivers also would lose their
Taxi and Limousine Commission license. Council speaker/mayoral hopeful
Christine Quinn says the measure is just the “first attack” on those who
profit off of prostitution.