Wolaver’s India Pale Ale: Hey, It Ain’t Bad, But…


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Wolaver’s India Pale Ale from Middlebury, Vermont

Serving style: Bottle

Location: Enjoyed a six pack with my girlfriend on her beautiful balcony in Brooklyn

Cost: $12 a six-pack

ABV: 6.5%

Appearance: To be honest, I randomly picked this brew off the shelf at a bodega because it looks pretty DIY. The label isn’t too fancy (and at the time, was peeling off half of the bottles). The word “organic” is stamped on it in what feels like a very prideful way. It poured a hazy, but beautiful penny-colored tone. The head, initially about a centimeter deep, displayed an off-white color, but disappeared after about 30 seconds.

Aroma: Surprisingly, this beer didn’t have much of a scent. It was a little hoppy and a little piney, but that was about it. Perhaps it’s because there was a lack of carbonation, so there’s not much pushing the flavor into your nose.

Taste: This IPA had a good, strong flavor. A little spicy, and the scent of pine and hops definitely came out stronger in the taste. Considering it didn’t smell like much of anything, the heartiness came as a pleasant surprise. Even my girlfriend, who tends to shy away from beers that taste “too much like beer,” thought this one had a wonderful flavor. There’s a bitter aftertaste, though, and it comes a bit out of nowhere. Not sure that I liked that.

Mouthfeel: It’s a fairly average bodied brew. Again, I think that probably comes back to the lack of carbonation. But I was expecting a bit more, especially with such a potent flavor.

Overall Experience: This beer ain’t too bad, but… that’s its major problem. It’s just so average. If you’re looking for an IPA with more bite, there are quite a few others out there with more substance (in particular, the Brooklyn East IPA). But if you want to please as many people as possible with a beer that’s a bit more edgy than usual, the Wolaver’s India Pale Ale is here for you.



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