NBC Advertises ‘Recent Job Opportunities’ Right Before Kicking Sue Simmons To The Curb


That was awkward.

As you may have heard, NBC Channel 4 fired Sue Simmons after 32 years when it didn’t renew her contract. Last night, the channel chose to use their final ad spot right before Simmons’ final broadcast to advertise for “recent job opportunities” at NBC!

“Learn more about NBC New York’s recent job opportunities by logging onto, or by calling our toll free number!” a chirpy voice said, before the camera went to Chuck Scarborough and a dour looking Simmons, who looked like a woman about to face the guillotine.

Did NBC expect Simmons to call or log on to investigate those recent job opportunities? Or was it mere salt in the wounds?

You almost had to wish she’d yell “the fuck are you doing?” again at the show’s director.

Here’s the video of Simmons’s final broadcast, along with the cruel ad right before.

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