The 6 Best Snacks on the High Line


6. Tacos de Hongos at the Taco Truck — Mushroom tacos, heaped with pickled purple onions and quite spicy, are a vegetarian delight. At $5.50 for the pair, they’re also relatively inexpensive.

Just east of the Hudson River and running mainly along Tenth Avenue, the recently extended High Line isn’t just an airborne wonderland of native plants and wildflowers. It’s also a good place to eat, and an even better place to snack. After an afternoon spent dining around there, here are my favorite tidbits.

Enter the High Line at 14th Street (wheelchair accessible) to find one of the carts; the rest are a block north under a shaded portico. All sorts of outdoor seating is available in common areas and at various levels. There’s also a sit-down alfresco wine bar.

5. Roasted Beets With Hazelnuts at Terroir — This branch of a well-known wine-bar chain makes a rudimentary but spectacular beet salad, the red root rich and cool on the tongue, with a snap from the toasted nuts.

4. M’Kay at Melt Bakery — The cart specializes in ice-cream-cookie sandwiches, of which the M’Kay (Mary Kay?) features lime-zest cookies and tequila ice cream.

Seating with a view of the river is plentiful.

3. Hot Dog at Bark — The same custom-made frank you enjoy on Bergen in the Slope is now on the High Line, here customized as I saw fit.

2. Pistachio Gelato at L’Arte del Gelato — Creamy, almost fudgy, and so nutty you won’t be able to stop shoveling it in your mouth

1. Egg-and-Cheese Biscuit Plus Ham at Northern Spy — Yowza! The ham is like an American answer to prosciutto, the egg runny and organic, the cheese a perfect melter. This is really spectacular. Oh, yeah, and the biscuit is perfect, too.

Here’s what happens when you bite into Northern Spy’s biscuit sandwich.

Terroir wine bar enjoys a location with a million-dollar view. Predictably, Riesling is on tap.

The High Line offers multilevel dining opportunities.

There’s a coffee bar, too.

The Northern Spy menu board

The rhubarb shaved Ice from People’s Pops is refreshing.

The Melt Bakery cart offers ice cream sandwiches made with cookies.

“The spotless public restrooms are just north of the dining area.”

Nothing like the flavor of gelato on an almost-summer’s day.