Year of the Takeout Day 166: Mixed Drink Suggestions!


Random Beverages from Chinatown Grocery

Time to shake things up (in all senses of the term.)

As with most things covered by this series, we came across these drinks randomly the other day.

But when we sampled these beverages this morning, we realized that they could all serve as unique mixers with liquor.

Our suggestions?

For the milk drink — in the container with the creepy kid’s face — consider serving warm and mixing in 2 ounces of Goldschläger per can. This will create the effect of an oatmeal cookie shot, but in a sippable form. Pair with a cinnamon pastry or dessert.

Next, onto white gourd! The juice from this pale melon features a nutty, semi-sweet creaminess. It’s got a soy milk vibe, but with a thinner mouthfeel. This could be a great substitute for soy or rice milk in a vegan White Russian — or even just a lighter liquid than the traditional dairy mixer on a hot, summer day. So, pair with vodka and coffee liqueur. You could also go the mudslide route and add Baileys.

Last, the herbal tea tasted as if we’d licked a dry bag of mulled wine spices. Naturally, then, this would go great with a 2-ounce pour of Fernet. We’d like to suggest an orange garnish, but we don’t want to get too crazy. Besides: Who thinks about orange garnishes at this hour?

[NOTE: Year of the Takeout is headed to Boston this weekend and didn’t feel like dragging our computer along, hence the sickeningly early post. We’re looking forward to trying the city’s Chinese-American cuisine today and tomorrow and can’t wait to share our discoveries!]