Jackie Hoffman Says Woody Allen Is a Self-Loathing Jew When It Comes To Women


I saw the queen of bitterness–best known for Hairspray, Xanadu, and The Addams Family–in concert last night at 54 Below and thrilled to her succession of lashings, hilariously pulled off.

For example:

*She was horrified to read in the New York Times that Patti LuPone opened the club on June 5. As her accompanist reminded her onstage last night, Jackie opened the place on June 3! This became a running gag, with Jackie at one point noting, “But is Patti on the cover of an AIDS magazine?” (Somehow Jackie is, following in the illustrious footsteps of the woman who played the lady who shot Selena.)

*Jackie said she read for Woody Allen last year–but not for a movie. “He doesn’t put Jewish women in his movies anymore,” she noted. It was for a one-act play, where he did want Jewish women. “Jewy and ugly and just shrill enough,” Jackie added, explaining that when he puts non-Jewish ladies in something, they coo stuff like, “I’m not Jewish. I’m so beautiful!”

*Jackie sardonically congratulated Hairspray on its hookup with the non-union Royal Caribbean Cruises, snarling, “They’ve brought low salaries to the high seas! You can’t stop the beat, but you sure can stop Actors Equity.”

And if you think this is all too bitter, fear not–she lacerates herself most of all, in a tasty bit called “Burning Bridges” about having insulted Idina Menzel and roomful of casting agents.

Burn some rubber yourself and see her act pronto.

Photo: David Shankbone/Wikipedia