Texas Congressman Thinks Children “Have A Say” In Whether They Cross Border Illegally (Sigh)


President Barack Obama announced last week his plan to no longer deport children who were brought into the country illegally by their parents in a policy shift that the far-right is calling “backdoor amnesty.”

The spirit of the president’s new policy is to not punish the roughly 800,000 undocumented children who technically broke the law by illegally crossing the border, but did so by no fault of their own — they did so at the directive of their parents.

Enter Texas Congressman Blake Farenthold, who opposes the president’s plan because, well, children “have a say” in whether they cross the border illegally, which, of course, they don’t — they’re fucking children.

His rationale is even more asinine than his claim.

“Well, you are also talking about people that came over 16 years of age,” Farenthold, a Republican, told CNN’s Soledad O’Brien this morning. “At that point you had a say in it, and that looks more like amnesty.”

O’Brien responded with “you think a 16-year-old whose parents are coming across the border has a say in whether or not they are going to stay behind in their country?”

“They’re certainly in a position to have a conversation with their parents about it,” Farenthold claims. “Believe me, my 16-year-old daughter has given me input on everything — pretty much everything the family wants to do.”

Farenthold, keep in mind, is the 39th richest member of Congress — worth nearly $9 million — and there’s a pretty big difference between the 16-year-old daughter of one of the richest congressman in America telling her dad she’d rather go to Hilton Head than Nantucket for spring break than a 16-year-old immigrant telling her family to “go on without me and start a new life in a new country — I don’t want to break the law.”

Mediaite’s Andrew Kirell made a similar argument in a blog post.

“Yes, the daughter of the 39th richest man in Congress, worth $8.57 million, is exactly like the children of the impoverished immigrants who decide to cross the border illegally,” Kirell writes. “Their situations are perfectly comparable, right?”

Regardless of age, the policy shift includes undocumented children who are in the country doing positive things — like going to college, or who want to join the military. In other words, illegal immigrant gangbangers will still be booted back across the border.

As the president noted in his address last week, it makes no sense to export productive members of society, many of whom have spent the majority of their lives living in the U.S.. Not to mention, “it’s the right thing to do.”