Where’s My Hot Dog? Perro Colombiano at La Casa de la Antojitos


Look closely, and you’ll see the frank cautiously peeping out at the right end of the assemblage.

Those who like their dogs topped with kraut and mustard will be shocked at the South American take on hot dogs. Take the perro Colombiano at La Casa de la Antojitos, a combination bakery and diner in Jackson Heights.

On paper, the standard constellation of toppings sounds absurd: white melty cheese annealed to the sausage, canned potato sticks (crunch, crunch!), cubes of pineapple (not easily detectable in the picture), ketchup, mustard, and Russian dressing. Is it a nightmare or a snack?

At $3, it’s actually a full meal, and a rather enjoyable one, too. The frank itself is of the smoked ballpark variety, and your greatest challenge will be keeping it, covered with goo, from shooting out the end when you take your first bite.

La Casa de la Antojitos
8108 37th Avenue
Jackson Heights, Queens

The dining room is well lit, and the Colombian meals and baked goods are cheap.