For Gay Pride, The Voice Takes Over SiriusXM’s OutQ Channel 108 Today


The Voice’s annual Pride Issue comes out later today, and to mark the occasion, we’re taking over SiriusXM Satellite Radio’s OutQ Channel 108 to celebrate.

Your truly will be guest hosting The Michelangelo Signorile Show from 2-6 PM Eastern. I’ll be joined in the 2 PM hour by the Voice’s Graham Rayman to talk about the NYPD and by Michael Musto in the 5 PM hour to talk about his latest column (and thoughts on covering a quarter century of Pride celebrations). That same hour, we’ll also look more in depth at our latest feature story.

Through out the afternoon, we’ll also be joined by participants in yesterday’s Silent March to End Stop and Frisk (including GMHC’s Dr. Marjorie Hill), MetroWeekly’s Chris Geidner, The Advocate’s Julie Bolcer, wunderkid composer Mohammed Fairouz, reporter Andy Mannix of the Voice sister paper City Pages, travel author Michael Luongo, and others. We’ll also check out Fairouz’s music, as well as the audio documentary work of Housing is a Human right.


Sirius subscribers can check out the show on OutQ 108. Non-subscribers can sign up for a free 7-day-trial here, and you can call in with questions (866-305-6887) or tweet @steven_thrasher.

Tune in!


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