Three Good Things: Including Sophia Loren


1 These photos of Sophia Loren at home circa 1964, taken by Alfred Eisenstaedt, that include some really gaudy dinner tables, family-style banquets, and breezy outdoor breakfasts with silver coffee pots etc. [Retronaut]

2 Harvard professor David Edwards is developing edible food wrappers out of sugar cane and other tasty things, to eliminate excessive paper and plastic packaging. Phase 1: Wiki ice cream. [GOOD]

3 The writers Tad Bartlett and Jamey Hatley talk with chef Chris DeBarr about food, writing, and southern identity. DeBarr: “If I get your attention–with writing or with food–and you fall into it, and suddenly all you’re really paying attention to is the next eyeful of words or the next mouthful of food, then I’ve done my job.” [Oxford American]