Who Was Prince Polo Anyway?


Was Prince Polo actual royalty?

Mention the name, and it conjures up images of an heir from some forgotten European grand duchy, brandishing a mallet and dressed head-to-toe in a royal blue polo outfit, complete with equestrian helmet. Well, sadly, there never was a person known as Prince Polo. Instead, it’s a candy bar introduced in Poland in 1955, soon after that country went communist.

The candy is chocolate wafer, initially made with milk chocolate, but later available in dark- and white chocolate versions. According to Wikipedia, it has long been the most popular candy bar in Iceland, where it was for part of its history the only candy bar available there. How random is that? If we can speculate for a moment, perhaps that’s because, proportionate to its volume, Prince Polo is exceedingly light, making shipping cheaper. Or maybe it’s because Icelanders are not into chocolate that much.

Nevertheless, Prince Polo has long enjoyed great popularity in Poland. It was initially made by a company called Olza S.A., which was eventually bought out by the Nestle congromerate, hence the continued broad distribution of the bar today. In several other Eastern European countries, the crackly candy bar was known as Siesta.

Prince Polo is delicious. It’s available in any Russian and Polish deli in town. If you want to be sure to find it, go to Brighton Beach.