Bret Easton Ellis Says Stanley Kubrick Was Gay


Not sure if he’s the one who should be outing anyone, but here’s what the American Psycho author (above) has been tweeting:

“Has anyone heard that Stanley Kubrick was gay? Info from two very good sources that despite wife and kids he had a long-term male partner.”

“I don’t care who’s gay and who’s not gay but the fact that Stanley Kubrick might be gay makes a fascinating director even more fascinating.”

“Adam Shankman’s gayness directing Rock of Ages compared to Stanley Kubrick’s gayness directing ANYTHING is a very compelling comparison.”

“Kubrick’s gayness: insider proof. It’s all there. ‘Ghosts’ in The Shining giving blow jobs. Cruise being attacked as gay in Eyes Wide Shut…”

Ryan O’Neal‘s scene with the older men in Barry Lyndon…and the scenes with Malcom’s mentor in A Clockwork Orange grabbing his cock.”

“Fact that Stanley Kubrick was gay seems to piss a lot of dudes off. It’s actually fascinating and illuminating. Either way: great filmmaker”

Thanks to datalounge.com for the item.

And with film titles like A Cockwork Orange, 8 1/2: A Space Odyssey, Bareback Lyndon, Fierce Metal Jacket, Dr. Strange-glove, Paths of Glory Holes, and Thighs Wide Open, there’s no doubt in my mind that Kubrick was gay.