The Sandwell District techno collective announced last December that it was suspending regular vinyl releases, but it promised to continue in print and through installations (with audio accompaniments, naturally). Its members, meanwhile, are making plenty of live performances individually and jointly: Function played the Bunker a few months ago with Silent Servant and returns to Deep Space at Cielo on his own tonight. Before decamping to Berlin with his Birmingham brothers Female and Regis, Function—a/k/a former New Yorker Dave Sumner—came of age listening to Jeff Mills at the Limelight. Detroit’s techno-futurism remains one of the collective’s major influences. Sandwell District’s 2010 full-length Feed-Forward is more industrial than industrial itself, reveling in metallic clashes and the echoes of cavernous manufacturing spaces. The collective has always thrown itself into the regimented repetition of the factory—and in there they’ve found a sound that inspires a communal transcendence on the dancefloor.

Mon., June 25, 10 p.m., 2012